Today I wanted to share a resource that makes me smile every day. Well, almost every day (you'll see why later).  I don't remember where I found it, but I signed up for daily emails from If you're like me, you might jump to the conclusion that "tut" has something to do with King Tut. But it has nothing to do with him, or Egypt.

TUT stands for "The Universe Talks". It's the acronym for a company originally founded to sell T-shirts with motivational sayings.  Now, a couple of decades later, they offer motivational tours, programs, and adventures. One of the men behind it is Mike Dooley. He's a bestselling author of  two books about how to live the life you want. One of their signature products is the free email service that also provides motivational content.

The Universe Talks

Unlike many email lists you might sign up for, TUT asks for more information than just your email. They want you to fill out information on your goals too. Well, they say goals, but they actually want you to write affirmations. Once you fill out the profile, they begin sending you emails from "The Universe".

It sounds kind of silly as I'm writing it, because obviously, someone is writing the notes. But they're written in such a way to make it seem like it comes from some all-knowing universal force - call it whatever you want. Here are a couple examples I recently received,

Very simply, Christie, the more that you accept responsibility for, the more power you have.

Doesn't that rock?

    The Universe

It's a very simple, but empowering message. Some are more complicated, like the one below.

It's truly a sight to see, Christie, when the inhabitants of any planetary civilization cross the tipping point and begin to individually accept complete and eternal responsibility for their own happiness.

Yet, this hardly compares to the mountain quaking, body shaking, polarity-flipping, hero-making occurrences that transpire when such inhabitants graduate to accepting complete and eternal responsibility for their every twinge of unhappiness.

Brings tears to my eyes,

    The Universe

All of them though, have some motivational, inspirational, or happy message. They almost always make me smile, and sometimes give me a little kick in the butt to get going on something I've been hesitating to do.

The funny thing about them though, is The Universe Talks only on weekdays. On the signup form you can choose the days, but only weekdays. I can't understand how the Universe can't talk on the weekends. And in some strange way, I miss getting the emails on those two days. I guess even the Universe needs a couple of days off.

But on weekdays, these emails from the universe are one of the first things I read after I wake up. Starting the day off with a positive message sometimes makes all the difference in how my day goes. I think that’s true for most people too.

Beyond the emails, the TUT website has a ton of content on their blog about being happy and living a life you want to live. I recommend you check them out to see if their message is something you resonate with. If you do, the option to hear The Universe Talk (on weekdays) is at the top of the page.

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