gratitude-journal-app-imageGratitude Journal is an app available for iPhone, iPod and iPad developed by Gratitude Lab, LLC. Seen on Oprah, NBC, and in USA Today, provides a fun and easy way for you to write your gratitude list. More than a simple notepad, Gratitude Journal offers many features that make it one of my favorite ways to focus on gratitude.

How it works

The app makes is easy to add items to your daily gratitude list by clicking the add sym.bol on the top of the screen. You can enter as many gratitude statements as you like per day.


The app automatically chooses the date for you based on the current date and time. If you missed a day and feel you need to enter items in the gratitude journal for that day simply click on the date and you can change it.

If you have a picture that captures what you're grateful for, you click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and then insert a picture from your library. You can also take a picture at that moment and insert it. There doesn't appear to be a limit on how many pictures you can use either. That's great news if you're grateful for a picture-filled day.

At the top of each page you’ll find the time, weather and location. There's also the option to click up to five stars to rate your day. By the time I’m done my gratitude list I usually find it hard to pick anything other than four or five stars no matter how my day has gone. This is the power of practicing gratitude. The simple act of filling out a gratitude journal usually will shift any negative energy to love and appreciation.

Another feature I like is the inspirational quote that appears after you have finished entering your list. It usually seems to be just perfect for the day that I had. But sometimes, it just seems weird. Here is one from today:


I'm sure this quote from Rumi is very deep and thought-provoking. But not so applicable to the day I just expressed my gratitude for in the journal! (if I'm wrong, please feel free to explain it to me in the comments).

Be social, if you want

If you want, the app links your journal to Facebook and Twitter. I can't report on how that works because my journal is private. There's no way I'd give either social network access to it. But if you're the sharing type, it will make it easy for you to do so. You can tag friends (via Facebook) and let them know how much you appreciate them! You can also simply email a copy of the list as well.

Three other features are the ability to add a passcode, export your lists, and reminders.  The use of the passcode can be turned off or on using the Settings, but lets you keep your list private if your phone ends up in curious hands.

The export feature lets you create a PDF of your lists for a given date range. Once created, you can print it, or send it via any of the available iOS options (such as AirDrop, Dropbox, Notes, etc.).

In the settings you can choose the types of reminders you want to receive. There are three preset options that will remind you early, middle, and late in the day. You can also set a custom reminders.

Past, present and future

I've just reviewed version v7.20.1 released on September 26, 2016. But the original app came out in 2008. There is also an iPad version, which hasn't been updated since 2012.

I contacted them and they said they hope to get an iPad version out sometime around February 2017. I really enjoy the larger format of the iPad, but if you're used to typing on an iPhone then you won't have any issues with the smaller screen.

As for an Android version, they said they were coming out with a "universal" version in December to be released on iPhone only. Once the bugs are out, that's when it would be available for iPad. But it isn't clear if the universal also included Android versions. If I get an updated answer I will post it here.

Gratitude Journal offers a great package of tools, inspiration and fun (how can you NOT smile at that adorable little genie?) to help you create and share your gratitude lists. At just $2.99, it is an absolute deal. Gratitude Lab’s website indicates 10% of profits are donated to charity in keeping with the spiritual nature of the app.

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